Parents concerned about student safety during pick-up at Peace River Elementary

Posted at 7:30 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 19:30:50-04

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.--- Dozens of students have been illegally crossing a street outside of Peace River Elementary school to meet their parents who park in a loading zone behind a private business. 

"I'm trying it out here today myself to see what the difference is in the two things but I'll probably be back over there tomorrow," said parent Chris Analetto.

Analetto said he typically waits in the parent pick-up line to get his son, but wanted to try parking across the street like several other parents typically do. 

"Why am I going to sit over there for an hour and a half every single day when I can come over here for 5 minutes," said Analetto referencing how he feels other parents are probably justifying their decision to not wait in the parent line. 

While Analetto said he found it saves time, he believes it's not worth saving a few extra minutes to put a child's life at risk. 

"My concerns are the children might get hit, where it's not a cross walk,and people aren't expecting children to cross there's nothing marked here," said Analetto. 

Beyond it being a safety concern, the Charlotte County School District said what's taking place is illegal. 

"They really are not teaching their children good safety habits to cross the street where there's no cross walk," said Charlotte County School District spokesperson Mike Riley.

The Charlotte County School District said lately they have a school staff member assist the kids who are illegally crossing the street. However, they are urging parents to stop this practice and instead follow the rules to avoid something serious from happening to a student.

"You hate to say it but it's an accident waiting to happen," said Riley. 

Riley said any parents who are unsure of proper drop-off and pick-up procedures can find the information in the handbook they were given at the beginning of the school year. 

You can also CLICK HERE to access the handbook.