Business owner: Mark Sievers acted suspicious

Posted at 9:01 AM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 09:01:59-05

A woman whose office was right across the hall from Mark and Teresa Sievers' Restorative Health and Healing Center, who has known the couple for eight years, is giving Fox 4 some insight into what Mark was like both before and after the murder of his wife.

She described Mark Sievers as volatile, and said when documents came out alleging Mark was involved in Teresa Sievers death, plotting a murder-for-hire scheme, she was not surprised.

Wendy Wilson owns Wilson Wellness Center across the hall from the Sievers' practice.  She said she's seen the couple's ups and downs, but said during her last interaction with the couple before Teresa's death, they seemed like they were getting along better than ever.

Wilson told Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg when she saw Mark Sievers at the office days after Teresa's murder inside their Bonita Springs home, you would never think he was mourning the death of his wife.  "Here's Mark... just like he was this happy-go-lucky guy, and I'm thinking 'are you kidding me?' At that point everybody in the building was ducking him, thinking 'you had to have something to do with this,'" Wilson said.

She said Mark Sievers was coming to the office at odd hours, destroying computers, and dumping Teresa's belongings from her practice inside Estero Medical Center.  "Mark is a volatile person," Wilson said.

When documents pointing to Mark's possible involvement in his wife's murder came out, Wilson said she wasn't surprised, but is fearful for the couples' children.  "Why are they still with him? Because I do believe him to be a very dangerous person. I know he has quite a few weapons," she said.

Wilson said some of those weapons were delivered to the office, and said she's had an encounter with them in the past: one night six years ago, around 7 o'clock.  "I walked up the back stairs, which we have access to, and only the owners have access to. As I opened up the door, there's Mark, two guns pointed right at my face. Are you kidding me?" she said.

She then said she hit him with her purse.  "Then I thought, 'Oh my God, he could have shot me!' And he could have shot me. He just kind of laughed. He was like 'Stop hitting me!' And I was like 'Get away from me!'" Wilson said.

Wilson said she hopes to see Mark behind bars, but at least hopes his two little daughters are safe.  "I just don't think the behaviors that we've seen, especially at the office... they need to be somewhere else. They really do," Wilson said.

Mark Sievers still has custody of his daughters after DCF tried to have them removed.

He has not been charged in the murder of his wife.