One year later and Cape Coral residents still recovering from tornado

Posted at 6:39 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 06:39:41-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla-- Despite an EF2 tornado touching down in January 2016, one year later and residents are still making repairs. The National Weather Service at the time estimated winds up to 135 mph. The tornado created quite a lot of destruction with 178 homes reported damaged. 

"Everything is kind of expensive and waiting for the insurance companies to come through," said resident Kerry Sweeny Garcia. 

Video taken shortly after the tornado hit shows roof after roof covered with tarps where tiles and shingles were completely missing. 

"We had a large hole in one of the rooms, in our living room and any time it rained and it was rainy season we just got tremendous more damage after that because we were waiting for money to come in from insurance companies to do repairs and tarps only help so much," said Sweeny Garcia. 

Over the past year Sweeny Garcia said not only did she and her husband make repairs to their roof, but things like drywall and flooring. 

"Yea it's quite a process and being inexperienced with that you don't know who to turn to for honest answers it's kind of frightening," said Sweeny Garcia. 

Sweeny Garcia said she and her husband were determined to take matters into their own hands, wanting to fix up a home they had bought just 10 days before. While there are dozens of neighbors just like the Garcia's anxious to fix up their homes, some have been slow to do anything, one couple completely abandoning their home. 

"Like I said we just moved in, so we didn't really know the owners but they left that evening just picked up and left," said Sweeny Garcia. 

Right next door to the Garcia's is a home with visible damage. Sweeny Garcia said she along with other neighbors have called the city several times since last January wanting something to be done to the eye sore.

"It's a beautiful neighborhood, it's a beautiful street, we really love living here. It's just every day you got to come home and be reminded of what caused that damage you know," said Sweeny Garcia.