'Off the grid' Cape Coral resident faces eviction

Posted at 6:52 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 18:52:40-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- A Cape Coral woman who is well-known for her issues with the city for 'living off the grid' is now facing eviction.

Robin Speronis has been living without being connected to municipal power and water for years. She collects rain water and producers solar power at her home. "I don't have to pay those outrageous water bills and those outrageous electric bills," she said. "I have more free time to enjoy life and be who I am."

Speronis made national headlines when city code enforcement went after her for her lifestyle. At one instance, the county took her dogs and placed Speronis in jail for five weeks for animal cruelty, claiming she did not have sanitary living conditions for the canines. The claim was later proven false.

Monday, Speronis found an eviction notice on her front door. It gives her until Wednesday morning to vacate. However, she believes the eviction is illegal.

The county foreclosed on her home, but Speronis claims she was never served for the foreclosure, making it impossible for the county to proceed with the litigation. "How can you go to evicting me with a writ of possession if I was never even served, legally served with the forclosure in the first place?" questioned Speronis.

UPDATE: Speronis evicted from home Wednesday morning

The home went up for auction and was sold to the bank earlier this year. Speronis claims she contested the sale, but claims the county mistakenly gave the bank the title for her home anyway. "Even though the title was given to the bank by mistake, doesn't make it theirs," she said.

Fox 4 asked Speronis if she thinks this is payback for her past issues living off the grid. She thinks the clerk of courts just wasn't paying attention. "That's my guess," said Speronis. "That they just rubber-stamped it. They didn't even look because it was a big bank, and well, 'a big bank can't make a mistake.'"

The action would leave Speronis homeless or behind bars for trespassing.