Meteotsunami hits Naples

Posted at 5:43 AM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 10:23:18-05

UPDATE 7:00PM-  The National Weather Service is reporting a very broad area of sporadic wind damage with estimated speed of 70-90 MPH. The area reaches from the Naples Pier, across I-75 to the Golden Gate community continuing Northeast to Golden Gate Estates. 

Damage was also seen in Immokalee on the Seminole reservation. 

There is no conclusive evidence of a tornado. All damage was oriented in one direction determining it is not a tornado, there was no precise path. 

The Naples area experienced straight line wind damage- meaning just damaging winds from a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm helped produce a meteotsunami which caused flooding in the area. Click here for more information on meteotsunamis. 

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UPDATE 5:00PM- The National Weather Service is investigating storm damage of an extensive area across Naples and the Naples Metropolitan area. 

They suspect the storm made it's way from the Naples Pier to the central part of Naples, continuing Northeast to the Golden Gate area and as far East as the Immokalee area. They are retracing the steps of the storm to determine what caused the damage. 

Large path of damaging thunderstorm winds were easily 60-70 MPH.

UPDATE 4:13PM- The National Weather Service has been surveying damage for the past 5 hours. They have confirmed a Meteotsunami hit Naples. 

Here are some of the hardest hit areas with extensive damage: 

-South Side 

-Port Royal 

-Royal Harbour Neighborhood 

-Old Naples

-Naples Zoo

-Naples Airport

-Golden Gate

NAPLES, Fla. -- Power is out across parts of Collier County after a strong storm moved through the area early Sunday morning.

Some trees are down across the city of Naples and parts of Golden Gate.  There is also some wind damage to apartments in Golden Gate as shingles have been pulled from roofs.

There is also damage reported near the Naples Pier where power lines and a power pole was reported to have fallen.

Fox 4 crews have encounted trees down across Goodlette-Frank Road in Naples, a large pine tree on cars near Coronado Parkway in Golden Gate, and trees over the road near Hunter Blvd and 55th Terrace in Golden Gate. 

Cape Coral and Fort Myers had very minor wind damage, with a few power poles and tree limbs down across the roadways.