New employee parking signs upsetting Rib City customers in Cape Coral

Posted at 7:13 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 19:13:14-04

Cape Coral, Fla.-- Employee only parking signs were recently installed in the Santa Barbara shopping center off Hancock Bridge. Rib City customers are upset saying it requires them to walk further.

"It's a little ridiculous, it makes no sense," said customer Mike Ferri. 

Ferri said he wouldn't be upset, however it's only recently that they were put up. 

"It does defer people from stopping at particularly these first couple of buildings," said Ferri. 

Rib City's owner said the signs are hurting business and the restaurant can't do anything about it.  

Rib City wouldn't speak on camera but did issue this statement: 

"This parking issue is a dispute between two people that are both claiming to have ownership of the parking directly in front and behind our restaurant. I hope these two parties can find a solution very quickly because this is affecting our Rib City business and our customers understandably are getting upset. They just want to come here and have a great meal as they have been doing for the past 17 years." 
- Craig Peden, President,  Rib City
When Fox4 reached out to the owner of the parking lot, Don Hinks, he said the parking signs and concrete bumpers are for the safety and convenience of all employees in the area. 
Customers we spoke to said the signs are vague and that many people have disregarded them. 
"Doesn't give a phone number on who to contact if your car gets towed, for which place of business, it doesn't specify any of that," said Ferri. 
Fox4 looked into whether these signs were legal. Cape Coral PD referred us to Florida statute 715.07 which states the owner of private property can tow a car parked on its property but must notify local law enforcement. 
When we looked into whether or not any cars have been towed, Cape Coral PD said none have been reported. 
Customers we spoke to said they still plan to eat at Rib City but hope to see the signs taken down soon.