New details reveal what went wrong at South Fort Myers High

Posted at 7:14 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 19:14:52-04
FORT MYERS, Fl., - The Lee County School District released it's report Friday into what happened inside a South Fort Myers High School bathroom, where several members of the football team had sex with a 15 year old girl.
The report revealed that it was security's duty to lock the restroom doors prior to the student's being dismissed and to monitor the area.
Head football coach and security worker Anthony Dixon and assistant coach Nathan Ojibway were relieved of their coaching duties earlier this month following the district investigation. Dixon was terminated by the District. 
The report stated that there were "no sign in/out sheet used to track the student-athletes times in/out of the media center" during the hour time frame those students were in study hall.
One student entered and exited the bathroom 10 times. Another spent 52 minutes in the restroom.
This happening despite emails from the assistant principal dating back to October 2015 indicating that "there are way too many unsupervised students after school." A follow up email from Director of Athletics Don Payne even called it, "a big problem."
Coach Dixon, who was the primary supervisor for up to 90 student athletes inside the media center on May 17th left for a period of time to "eat lunch and for some me-time" according to statements he made during the investigation. During that time, "multiple students walked toward and from the restroom where the incident occurred in Coach Dixon's presence."
Meanwhile, assistant coach Nathan Ojibway, who was not fired by the district, sat in to supervise the students. In a statement he said, "I was sitting on the coach near the front door between the kids and the door. No student asked me to go anywhere and did not send anyone out of the library." But when the district checked Mr. Ojibway's browsing history, they found that he was logged onto a computer during the window of time when the incident occurred.
Video surveillance from that afternoon documents, "multiple student athletes entered and exited (some repeatedly) the media center during the time Mr. Ojibway was near the front door."
The report also mentions that James Causey, a paraprofessional at the school resigned a month after the incident. The District also fired former assistant football coach Steven Thorpe in June for what they're calling, "noncompliance with teaching certification requirements."