Neighbor help spot squatters

Posted at 11:01 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 23:10:30-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A lock box on the door, A few phone books on the porch yellowing, and cobwebs in the mailbox. All are common things you would expect to see in an empty foreclosed home.

But this particular house in Cape Coral fell victim to squatters.

"They took our lock box, they broke it. they broke into one of our properties and made it their own little home for the evening," said Bonnie Schnell from Cape Coral Housing Development.

Cape Coral police say the uninvited guests are Terrance Clyatt and Dana Bosch.

According to the report, the pair made themselves right at home in December.

"It's one of those surprises right there next to your house," said Orlando Hernandez, one of the neighbors.

The couple parked their car in the backyard instead of the driveway. Alerting neighbors like Blake Groft that something was up.

"I confronted the gentleman and he said that he was just fixing up the place," said Groft.

Groft says he checked the house again on his way to work and felt something was up and called the police.
According to Cape Coral police, Clyatt and Bosch claimed to have inherited the house from her grandmother.
When investigators asked about the lock box, Bosch replied "We did it." The officer continued his narrative by saying "Terrance and Dana said they were looking for foreclosed homes to buy."

"I got a call from the police officer this morning on my way into work and they have apprehended the two, " said Schnell.

Scnell says her group plans to pursue charges against them. She says she's lucky she had people watching their back.

"I was very thankful that the neighbor did this for us," she said.