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The in-demand job skills of the moment, according to LinkedIn

"Even if you're not changing jobs, your job is changing on you"
2024 workplace trends
Posted at 5:04 PM, Feb 22, 2024

Survey after survey, the workers have spoken; there is definite interest in finding new work.

According to recent Gallup research, "51 percent of currently employed workers say they are watching for or actively seeking a new job."

Given the strong labor market in recent years, finding a new job may sound simple. But once you're in the thick of it, you're bound to see otherwise.

"If I'd had this conversation a year ago, I would have said that there were two openings for every applicant on LinkedIn," said LinkedIn career expert Andrew McCaskill. "Today, it's flipped. Now, there are two applicants for every opening."

McCaskill said the jobs market is the most competitive it's been in years, so brushing up on in-demand skills is crucial.

In February, LinkedIn posted its list of the skills companies need the most in 2024. Even in the age of artificial intelligence, it's human-centric soft skills like leadership, customer service, and communication that top the list.

"We're seeing from CEO to intern, companies are looking for folks who can present, who can connect, and who can inspire," McCaskill said. "So, communication is really at the top."

LinkedIn also has a top skill of the moment: adaptability.

"With all of the changes that are happening in the business world and in the economy, leaders are really looking for folks who can pivot when those changes take place," McCaskill explained.

For jobseekers who want to improve their skills, LinkedIn is offering free access to several online courses through May 31, 2024.

"Most jobs are changing rapidly," McCaskill said. "Even if you're not changing jobs, your job is changing on you."

McCaskill said courses, like those offered by LinkedIn, or recertification programs can help to close any skills gaps that may be holding you back.

He said to showcase your skills on your profile and résumé, and always provide examples of how those skills have made an impact.

Lastly, "think about how you can use those skills in the role that you want," McCaskill said.