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Tech startup Sixty AI offers solution for notification fatigue

Posted at 3:44 PM, Nov 08, 2023

Have you ever been enjoying your weekend or a vacation and suddenly you hear a notification that brings you right back to your work life?

Some say it can be very triggering.

Tech startup Sixty AI has created a free AI-powered assistant to lessen the alerts, pings and interruptions that we face daily.

CEO Mat Ellis says it will highlight what needs your attention and manage the rest of the digital noise. One way it can do so is through your email.

"An email comes into your email system, and if you know that person, it stays in the inbox," Ellis said. "So 'know that person' means that you've sent them an email, you've had a meeting with them, or they're in your address book. Otherwise, it gets put to a folder called outsiders, and it sits there, and then you start to put those emails into other folders. We create a reading folder, we create a noisy folder, we create a not-urgent folder for things that you might not have to deal with today. And the system learns as you move these emails."

The other hope is that it will silence unnecessary alerts.

"So for example, if you've already gone to the location that you're meant to be at, no alert," Ellis said. "If you leave your meeting on time, no alert. But if you're going to be late for your next meeting unless you leave now, alert."

The goal is for people to feel less burnt out, less overwhelmed, and more in control of their time.