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Talking toothbrushes and jewelry that thinks: AI products dominate CES 2024

"It's finding new ways to take the smarts and make them useful to you."
Artificial intelligence drives new smart products
Smart tech driven by AI dominates CES 2024
Explosive growth predicted for AI products
Posted at 4:04 PM, Jan 10, 2024

For more than five decades, the best and brightest in emerging technologies have debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show. Bridget Carey, a senior editor at CNET, has been tracking the trends for a decade now. "CES is a massive tech show that sprawls across Las Vegas and touches on every aspect of tech," said Carey.

"It's finding new ways to kind of take the smarts and make them useful to you."
Bridget Carey

From toothbrushes that talk in your mouth to jewelry that thinks, the latest technology trends are putting artificial intelligence front and center at CES 2024. "Artificial intelligence comes in as a very big buzzword," Carey said.

With AI interest exploding in popularity, the surge makes sense. According to Statista, the AI market is projected to reach $305 billion this year, stretching to $738 billion by 2030. Tech companies are racing to cash in, developing dozens of AI-powered products to meet consumer demand.

So how will this play out on store shelves and in American shopping carts? Carey says it's all about taking all the research and information and making it practical for the average consumer. "It means a product is taking all this data and getting to try to anticipate your needs."

The ultimate goal is to make every aspect of life easier, even hygiene. "You wouldn't think a toothbrush could have AI, but it does," Carey said. "While you're brushing it's talking to you in your mouth with bone conduction technology to tell you that you missed a spot."

Health products are getting in on the action too. The new smart Evie ring is a piece of jewelry that tracks everything from how you sleep to how you walk and then makes personalized recommendations.

From a grill that uses sensors and computer vision to cook meat faster to a vacuum that roams the house searching for stains to scrub, Carey expects AI to soon be present in almost every room, feeding an AI-hungry market that's here to stay.