Takeaways at the Murdaugh murder trial

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Posted at 8:14 PM, Feb 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-26 20:14:09-05

NATL — As the five-week murder trial for Alex Murdaugh continues the defense lawyers believe the crime scene won't tell the jury much about the night Alex Murdaugh allegedly killed his wife and son.

Former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is accused of killing his wife Maggie and their son Paul near their home on June 7, 2021.

Murdaugh has denied any role in the shooting, but now faces 30 years to life in prison if found guilty.

One of the main takeaways the defense has seen so far in the trial is crime scene problems.

Experts have said investigators did not dust for fingerprints, collect or test blood samples, or photograph evidence with the clarity needed to study for later.

On the night of the murder, the first officer arrived at the home 20 minutes after Murdaugh called 911.

Immediately after the local sheriff realized they were dealing with a prominent family in the legal system they turned the investigation over to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Upon waiting for agents to enter the South Carolina county more than a dozen family and friends walked around the crime scene trying to comfort Murdaugh.

The sheet that covered Paul and Maggie was never saved which means possible DNA from the killer could have been lost.

When the agents arrived Murdaugh was sent to the home where witnesses say it had not been searched for evidence or even checked for a suspect.

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The second key takeaway from the trial is the star witness himself is Alex Murdaugh.

When Murdaugh took the stand his team of lawyers wasted no time in asking him whether or not he killed his wife and son.

“I did not kill Maggie, and I did not kill Paul. I would never hurt Maggie, and I would never hurt Paul — ever — under any circumstances,” Murdaugh said.

Murdaugh did admit lying to the police when he told them he was not at the Kennels before he found the bodies. In a video shot on Paul's iPhone reveals Alex's voice on the recording.

The prosecutors believe the video happened minutes before the killings. It took state agents more than a year to hack into the phone and find it.

Murdaugh also admitted to stealing from clients and his law firm at the time. If found guilty Murdaugh will not only face a charge of murder but likely face many charges including theft, insurance fraud, and tax evasion.