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State media: Cuba in nation-wide blackout after Hurricane Ian hits

Cuba's state-run operator said the country of 11 million people had zero electricity output
Cuba Tropical Weather
Posted at 9:30 PM, Sep 27, 2022

Cuba's 11 million people are in a nationwide blackout on the Caribbean island following a hit by powerful Hurricane Ian.

The nation's state-run media reported that Cuba's National Electric System said the current electricity output for the country was at zero percent on Tuesday.

Cuban officials hope to be able to restore power in parts of the country by late Tuesday or by Wednesday, according to reports.

Hurricane Ian left devastation behind in the western portion of the island where the storm's eye hit.

Cuba's state electricity company, Unión Eléctrica de Cuba, planned to keep power off in the eastern capital city, Havana, for safety reasons until it saw an improvement in weather, CNN reported.

Strong winds and rain hit Havana as the powerful storm pushed across the island from south to north, headed towards the United States.