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Issey Miyake, known for bold sculpted designs, dies at 84

Japan Issey Miyake
Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 10, 2022

TOKYO (AP) — Issey Miyake, who built one of Japan’s biggest fashion brands and was known for his boldly sculpted pleated pieces as well as Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks, has died.

He was 84, and his design office said he died last Friday of liver cancer.

Miyake defined an era in Japan’s modern history starting in the 1970s by defining a Japanese vision that was unique from the West.

Miyake’s origami-like pleats usually transformed crass polyester into chic.

He also used computer technology in weaving to create apparel.

His clothing was meant to celebrate the human body, regardless of race, build, size or age.

Miyake said he was inspired by various cultures and everyday items, including plastic, wiring, and foil.

"Designing is like a living organism in that it pursues what matters for its well-being and continuity," Miyake wrote in his book.

A private funeral has already been held, his office confirmed and per his wishes, no other ceremonies will be held.