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How to save money while shopping for your Christmas tree

Posted at 11:31 AM, Nov 21, 2023

There are so many options for Christmas trees, so many different tree types you can pick from, and everything has its own price point.

"Fraser firs are the most expensive because they're the most full, their needles are the most fragrant and they last the longest," said Becky Sanfelippo, who owns tree farmSanfelippo's City Center Market with her husband in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

"Your white pine and Scotch pine are going to be your cheaper trees, and Balsam and Canaan fir are right in the middle."

The American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) says trees can cost anywhere from $25 to $2500. But on average, for a 6-foot tree, the nonprofit says you can expect to spend about $80 for a real one and a little more than $100 for a fake tree. Add inflation into the holiday mix, and you may pay a few more extra dollars this year.

"Even though inflation has impacted consumers greatly, they are spending most of their money on the essentials: food and gasoline. However, 94% of consumers will have a Christmas tree this year," said Jami Warner, executive director of the ACTA.

Warner says if you live in an area where Christmas trees grow, it's likely going to be cheaper than if you live where they don't, because of shipping costs.

While you can't control where you live, here's what you can do -- cut down your own tree. It can be cheaper than buying one already cut. At Sanfelippo's City Center Market, cutting your own starts at $45.

"When you cut your own, especially at our farm, all the trees are the same price. It only goes by height," Sanfelippo said.

Another way to save is to buy early. You may find better deals or a better selection if you start in November.

"We used to open after Thanksgiving, but now we open the week before Thanksgiving."

As far as the fake trees go, the ACTA says it's best to buy one of these after the holiday for the best deal.

"After Christmas for artificial trees is the number one selling day of the year for artificial Christmas trees. So you can go online and get some amazing deals for the next, you know, for your next year," said Warner.

The ACTA reports almost 80% of Christmas trees displayed this year will be artificial and that most people keep their artificial trees for ten years, but you can get more life out of them if you store them properly. Which in the end, helps you save.