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Small group of anti-Trump protesters try to make their voices heard

Posted at 11:07 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 23:07:11-04

A small but boisterous crowd of protestors turned out along Ben Hill Griffin Parkway Wednesday, some caught a glimpse of President Trump's motorcade as it drove into the Hertz Arena.

"I think he's divisive, I think he's damaging our country, I think he's destroying health care,” said David Kolhoff of Bonita Springs.

Even though the president isn't on the ballot in next week’s mid-term elections, those who braved the pro-Trump crowd to criticize the president felt is was important to be here.

"You just can't sit quietly by, and not be counted,” said Vivian Berg.

The rally was important enough that South Miami City Commissioner Bob Welsh drove over from Miami-Dade County to protest, and managed to get very close to the arena.

"Donald Trump and the Republicans do not represent the interests of black and brown people, they represent the interest of white people,” said Welsh.

But not everyone agreed with that sentiment.  Ramma Ayer, whose from India and his wife waited hours to get into the rally.

"We would go through the gates of hell to see him, but most of the time its the gates of heaven,” said Ayer who says he supports Trump in part because of the illegal immigration issue.

"I have been here 5 years, paid 2,000 dollars and people can walk across the border, it isn't fair.”

There were no reports of arrests outside the arena Wednesday.