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Crowley supporters defend campaign poster

Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 22:42:54-04
A picture of a supporter with a home made sign criticizing state attorney candidate Amira Fox is making the rounds on social media.
The sign shows a bloodied child and says “This is my kid Amira Fox won’t protect.”
Fox’s opponent in the Republican primary Chris Crowley is posing next to a supporter holding the sign.
“I may or may not agree with the way it was depicted, but I agree with the heart that went into it,” said Crowley supporter Amy Pachecko.
Crowley has repeatedly criticized Fox for not aggressively prosecuting those allegedly responsible for animal abuse at 4 slaughter houses throughout Lee County.
"Animals are our kids,” said Pachecko.  “When they're sick you take them to the vet, when they need surgery you schedule them for surgery, you feed them.”
Fox declined a request for an on camera interview, but released the following statement:
“As a mother of four, I find it disgraceful and shameful that my opponent would resort to using a picture of a child as a campaign tactic.  A person who engages in this type of campaign behavior is not fit to hold office, let alone the top law enforcement position in the 20th Judicial Circuit.” 
Crowley also declined 4-In-Your-Corner’s request for an on camera interview.
With no Democrat running in the general election, either Fox or Crowley will likely succeed outgoing State Attorney Stephen Russell.