Company says it has a product that could help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus

Posted at 7:37 PM, Mar 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-06 19:37:35-05

CAPE CORAL — If you want to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, one company said it may have the answer.

Viral Kryptonite has created a sponge-like material that it said can absorb and destroy the virus, and the same material was used in our area two years ago to absorb blue-green algae out of the water.

The founder of the company, Scott Smith, stopped by our studio on Friday.

“This absorbs 32 times its weight in contamination," said Smith.

Smith enthusiastically demonstrated his product. He said it works way better than a Clorox wipe or a traditional sponge.

“This material has 250 times more surface area per square inch than a paper towel, than a wipe, or anything else, and that means, you’re far more likely, 250 times for every square inch, more likely to come into contact and kill that virus," said Smith.

Back in 2018, we spoke with Smith when his company was contracted to help remove blue-green algae using his product.

“This same material is proven, in an 18-hour period, to remove 60 to 80 percent of the microcystins, otherwise known as the cyanotoxins, that make people sick from algae blooms," said Smith.

Now, with Coronavirus causing people to do anything to avoid the disease, Smith said his product might be the answer.

“We can produce a million sponges a day right now," said Smith.

And he has shared that information with the state of Florida to try to get his product into hospitals everywhere.

“We’ve emailed Governor Desantis’ Chief of Staff, confirmed receipt. So it is officially in the hands of Governor Desantis’ office and his Chief of Staff," said Smith.