As items to fight Coronavirus become scarce, local stores say they have what you need

Posted at 12:28 AM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 00:28:43-04

NAPLES, Fla. — As Coronavirus continues to spread, so does the concern and many of us have gone searching for the items the Center for Disease Control has listed to help fight off Coronavirus. Including hand sanitizer, disinfectants and many more. Only problem is now, many major retail stores like Walmart, and Walgreens are out of stock. So where do you go? Well, we spoke with a store manager at Vision Ace Hardware Store in Fort Myers, who says they have products, but they are seeing a shortage.

“We’ve been out of masks the longest, and then it went to hand sanitizer and just this morning we had a strong demand for rubbing alcohol, with people trying to make their own hand sanitizer”, said Will Craig, store manager of Vision Ace Hardware Fort Myers

However, they are working to meet the demands

“We are working with our warehouses to try and get replenishment, because we have not seen a let up in demand”, said Craig.

Another obvious but not first to mind option is your local soap company stores. Naples Soap Company says they are here to help.

“Everything is hand made here in the U.S.A, and being a smaller company we can react to situations like this”, said Deanna Wallin, CEO of Naples Soap Company

This situation in particular has caused Naples Soap Company to formulate new products to meet the demand.

“Based on customer reaction and customer request, we do have a hand sanitizer in process right now, that we should have on the market within 14 days or so”, said Wallin.

With a nursing background Wallin came up with a sanitizing formulas and says she is here to help.

“Ours will have alcohol, we’re going to use lavender essential oil with that and we’re also going to a very strong anti bacterial”, said Wallin.

“Typically we stray away from alcohol in our products. In this instance we definitely feel there is definitely a demand for it and we’ll make that product as safe as possible”, said Wallin.