Naples man arrested in string of car burglaries

Posted at 10:01 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 22:21:41-05

A Naples man, charged with breaking into several cars last week, told deputies he got drunk to work up the courage to do the crimes.

Jason Woodbury was arrested Friday after he was caught by a neighbor's surveillance camera breaking into a truck.

According to the police reports, Woodbury made off with a radar detector and drill.

"When we hear there are two break ins on the same side of the street, that feels like too much," said Cathy Doerner, who lives several feet from some of the victims.

Reports link Woodbury to two other car break ins along Roma Court, where Doerner lives.

"Since we've been here, I'd say over the past 5 years, there have been home break ins", said Doerner.

According to police reports, Woodbury has several prior arrests for car burglaries.