Naples attorney charged with false imprisonment speaks out

Posted at 2:45 AM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 06:33:09-05

A Naples attorney is a facing charge of false imprisonment following a physical altercation at his home involving his former fiancée and an ex-girlfriend.

Jon Parrish turned himself into Collier County authorities Friday on charges of tampering with a witness, false imprisonment and battery.

A capias warrant was issued for his arrest in connection to a November 2016 incident, during which his former fiancée alleges she was attacked by Parrish's ex-girlfriend, Natalie Peysina.

According to an incident report from the Collier County Sheriff's office, the victim was in bed at the home she shared with Parrish when she was attacked by Peysina.  The victim told detectives Peysina entered the home through the locked-front door and "used a closed fist to punch her in the head repeatedly while yelling at her in Russian."

The incident report also states she told authorities "during the attack Jon stood witness and did nothing."

In an interview with Fox 4 news, Parrish insisted the charges he faces are based on false allegations.  "I was put in jail for a whole night. I didn't do anything wrong," said Parrish, who spoke heedfully about the charges while sitting next to his attorney.

Parrish told Fox 4 he was "embarrassed and humiliated" by the allegations. His defense attorney, Christopher Brown, showed Fox 4 several documents he claimed would prove Parrish was being manipulated.  "Right now people around town are saying what they want to say and we want them to hear the other side of it," said Brown.

A warrant affidavit issued for Parrish's arrest further detailed the fight between his former fiancée and Peysina.

The document states "Peysina choked her out and she lost consciousness more than once, while Peysina told the victim in Russian that she was going to kill the victim."

The warrant affidavit also states the victim later told a detective that she recalled Parrish attempted to have sex with her after the altercation with Peysina. The victim claims when she refused Parrish's sexual advances he began to pleasure himself next to her, and relieved himself onto her. 

An incident report filed a day after the altercation did not contain the aforementioned statement. The warrant affidavit also stated the victim "believed she was not free to go to police the day after the incident." And it states Parrish drove her around with him between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in order to maintain control of her whereabouts.

Peysina's arrest report, which was filed prior to Parrish's warrant affidavit, states the victim told detectives that "Jon kept her in the house all day, keeping a very close eye on her."

"They simply gave the judge a new statement saying these are the hours he did not permit her to leave the home, and they made no reference to the fact that she had made a prior statement covering the entire day and we had disproven chunks of that time,' said Brown.

Peysina was arrested on charges of Grand Theft and unarmed robbery on November 23, 2016 in connection to the victim's engagement ring which went missing during the fight.

The incident report filed on November 21, 2016 did not mention the lost ring, and stated Parrish chose not to press formal charges for battery but "would like to file a restraining order."

Peysina is accused of sending the victim threatening messages for nearly 18 months, including the day she allegedly attacked the victim.

Parrish has an arraignment scheduled for Feb 6th.