Mystery shrouds death of 19 yr old fataly shot in home

Jordan Valero was found dead in home he rented
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 19:22:12-04
More than 24 hours after a man was found gunned down in a Bonita Springs home, very little is known about the circumstances surrounding his death.
19-year-old Jordan Valero's body was discovered Sunday morning inside the home he rented in the 10,000 block of Goodwin Street. 
The shooting happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office (LCSO). It was shortly after that deputies came knocking on Don's door; he asked Fox 4 not to reveal his last name. 
"I thought it was lightening but it was probably gunshots, and they just told me to stay in the house and lock the door. They couldn't tell me what was going on, they just told me to stay in," said Don. 
Two deputies stood guard at the home Monday, where crime scene tape still surrounded the home. 
"It's crazy to think how close this happened to (sic) just right next door to where we live at so it just makes you think, said Kat Davis, victim's neighbor."
Davis told Fox 4 she was blocked into her home for much of the day Sunday as detectives conducted their investigation. 
"It was crazy it was the most police vehicles I've ever seen anywhere so it was very scary, very scary," said Davis. 
Fox 4 reached out to LCSO for more information. Deputies said they could not divulge any further details due to the status of the investigation. No suspects have arrested, however LCSO says the community is not in danger.