Mother's request to switch son's 'dangerous' bus stop denied

Posted at 6:40 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 18:40:03-04
"I said so what happens if he gets killed," said Rose Armstrong. 'They're like, well that's your problem not mine."
Armstrong has been in a two week battle with the Lee County School district over her son's bus stop which she feels is dangerous. 
"My greatest concern is getting a phone call that my son is dead or my son has been hit by a car walking to or from that bus stop," said Armstrong.
Her 6th grade son walks alone to his bus stop along Tropic and 2nd Street, where there aren't any sidewalks. 
She would prefer for him to go to a stop along Marquette Blvd and River Forest Drive so that his babysitter could walk with him. However, that bus stop is on a different route with a different bus driver and the switch would require the school district's. 
"Different bus, same school, same time -maybe five minutes difference- the only difference between my bus stop and the one I want him to go to is a safety issue," said Armstrong. 
A spokesperson for the Lee County School district told Fox 4, a security team from the district's Transportation Department examined the bus stop and did not find any security issues. 
On the district's website it states: "The responsibility of the school board of Lee County shall begin when students enter the school bus and end when the students departs (sic) the school bus." 
It's up to parents to guarantee their child's safety to and from their bus stop but Armstrong says the school district is making it hard for her. 
"If we're responsible for our kids then why don't you let us make a decision versus letting something happen to somebody's kids," said Armstrong.