"Moral Monday" meeting attracts large crowd to Trump Resistance movement

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 12:38:17-05

From women's rights to immigration, hundreds attended an event called "Moral Monday" in Naples with one goal in mind: Resist. 

"I'm looking for a positive way to channel my frustrations, said Jeff Hartman, who was wearing a Hillary Clinton campaign hat. 

The event was hosted by the Southwest Florida Resistance Coalition; a non-partisan organization focused on enacting progressive policies. According to organizers, there were 25 different local and national organizations represented at the meeting. 

"These are moral ethical principals that are, as far as I can see, pretty non-negotiable," said Suzanne Cherney, Co-founder SWFL Resistance Coalition.

Co-founder Cynthia Odiena told Fox 4 news the event wasn't an anti-Trump demonstration, but rather a forum to connect like-minded individuals to activist groups. 

"There seems to be a certain callousness in government right now and there is a lot of reaction of the people that are totally going in a different direction than the government is," said Cynthia Odiena, Co-founder SWFL Resistance Coalition. 
Their multi-platform organization aims to find progressive solutions to issues concerning health care reform, LGBT, women's rights, discrimination and environmental issues.
The former chairwoman of Trump's Collier County campaign says the Moral Monday event has inspired her to organize a rally for those who support the new federal policies of the Trump administration. 
"Whatever they do we're counteracting and Trump still has the support, and he's getting stronger and stronger, and he's doing a wonderful job," said JoAnn DeBartolo. According to DeBartolo, the rally will be held sometime in March. 

"The reason we're going to counter is because we want the media to realize Trump still has the support out there, said DeBartolo.