Mom says son was denied water at Alva Elementary

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 21:51:17-05

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Lee County mother say she's upset her 8 year old son got in trouble for snagging water bottles at school despite being told not to while the school makes repairs on the water tank. It happened at Alva Elementary in East Lee County. Christine Browning says she's fired up because she feels her son was denied water.

"To me it felt like he got in trouble for being thirsty," she said. "My son was only given a small water bottle. The water fountains are roped off while the water tank is being repaired and I was very concerned that that's all they got for the day to drink."

Four In Your Corner reached out to the district and a spokesperson says the boy's teacher never denied any one water but did tell students they should conserve what they were given. Despite this, Browning's son took extra water.

"I spoke to his teacher and she was upset with my son because he drank all his water right away after she told the class in the morning to drink it wisely," Browning said. "She told me the principal sent an e-mail to teachers saying each student gets one bottle."

Browning tells Four In Your Corner she acknowledges her son has had a few issues with her teacher in the past but says the bigger issue is how the school has been handling what appears to be a limited water supply.

"I just don't understand why parents weren't notified this was an issue going on at the school. I had to find out from my children when they came home."

Browning says since her son got in trouble on Monday, she packed three water bottles in his backpack for today in case he got thirsty.

"I didn’t want him getting in trouble for wanting more or having to 'steal' it from the classroom. At this point I'm just a concerned parent and feel like I'm speaking on behalf of other parents too."