Millions sign Hillary for President Petition

Posted at 7:17 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 19:17:37-05
An online petition is advocating that the electorates who make up the electoral college vote for someone other than their party's candidate. If enough of the electoral college voted for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump, constitutionally, Clinton would become president. I spoke with FGCU Political Science Professor Peter Bergerson about that possibility. "Almost all of the polls predicted that Hillary was going to win, Bergerson said. 
He says even though Clinton has a slight lead in the popular vote, theres almost no chance of electors voting against their party's candidate and putting Clinton in office. 
Trump voters like Dale Romberg think the millions protesting Trump around the country need to get over it and support our President elect. "The people already voted, they took their choice, the majority won.  You got a bunch of losers that are crying about it because they lost, it's a damn shame.
"For the true believers, they  just cant accept it yet. they feel like something has to be done," Bergerson said. Signing the petition is something,  but for the nearly three million people that already have, their prayers will likely go unanswered. "It is not going to lead to any policy. It is not going to lead to a Constitutional amendment. It is not going to lead to the election of Hillary Clinton.
Here's a link to the petition: