Mexican restaurant reacts to Trump wall tax

Posted at 11:05 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 23:05:38-05

President Donald Trump is trying to serve up the wall he promised.

The Trump Administration wants Mexico to pay for the wall with a proposed 20 percent tax on Mexican goods.

"I don't know how much will be affected, it is not easy to say," said Ivan Perez, the General Manager at Monarca's Mexican Restaurant in Cape Coral.

Perez and the rest of his restaurant staff are more concerned with serving their hungry customers than worrying too much about the future.

"Let's see what happens, we are very optimistic about this, but for now we aren't thinking of raising prices or anything like that," said Perez.

But all the Trump tax talk was food for thought for people dining in the Cape.

"It is nice to see Mr. Trump going after something like that because it is something that we are very behind on," said George Engelharet, while he was waiting on his dinner.

The rest of George's table agreed.

"Business crosses borders and money is international and trade is very common. Why shouldn't trade continue? It just needs to be more fair," said Hans Grimm.

Some other restaurant patrons were a little concerned a spike in prices on things like avocados and tequila will force local sales to take a dip.

"If the customers don't pay for it, then the restaurants will go out of business and we will be eating cheese and crackers," said Henry St. Hilaire, who was at Monarca's for the first time.

Henry thinks America already has enough on it's plate besides worrying about a wall.

"It is just not a doable thing. It's like trying to build a bridge over the Himalayas," he said.

The proposed tax is just one of many ideas President Trump and his cabinet are considering.