Matthew Marshall awaiting release in Lee County

Posted at 7:12 AM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 07:12:50-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Southwest Florida man, who's been living under a cloud of community suspicion after his dad's body was found dismembered, could walk out of Lee County jail at any moment.

33-year-old Matthew Marshall only faces a charge for misdeamenor fraud.  He's accused of using his dad's credit card at a Cape Coral bar right after he went missing. The remains of his father, Rick, were eventually found in the woods and nearby canal near his Cape Coral condo.

Right now Matthew is still behind bars, but that could change very soon.  Jail staff tells Fox 4 that a judge ordered Matthew to wear a GPS device in order to bond out. He has to pay for that device before he can walk out a free man, at least temporarily.

Matthew has not been charged for his father's murder.

But as you may remember his father's missing person's case quickly turned into a murder investigation when his body was found dismembered.  Detectives confirming parts of his body were found in the woods while other body parts were inside a suitcase in a canal near his home.  Investigators think whoever killed Rick had extensive knowledge on how to dismember a body.

Investigators are now looking into Matthew's library records in Minnesota to see if he has researched or checked out any material on how to dismember a body.  While Matthew is not charged with the murder, hear what some of his neighbors had to say about the possibility of him being released.

"I called my sister in law who is not from the area and I was freaking out."

"I hope that he didn't kill him, and I hope that he doesn't come back here if he did."

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Investigators also looked at credit card history to help determine where Matthew was the night his father disappeared.  Records show Matthew used his father's credit card to buy beer before using it again to ride to Backstreets Bar in Cape Coral and then  made multiple calls and cancellations for an Uber ride, with the last call made around midnight.  That's when the card was blocked for suspicious activity.

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