Man says bank stopped his Trump coin business

Posted: 11:08 PM, Nov 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-14 23:08:58-05
Bernard Von Nothaus was inspired to create a Donald Trump commemorative coin, not long after the President-Elect began his long shot campaign for the White House.
"We got over 600 orders in the last 5 days, that's over a hundred orders a day," said Von Nothaus.
Apparently too much for his Wells Fargo merchant account to handle.  He got a call from a representative last week, telling him they couldn't handle the volume of orders and froze his account.
"I go, you mean we're too successful?, with Trump Dollars, is that what you're telling me?  He goes, yes."
With plenty of back orders to be filled, Von Nothaus is worried about how his customers will react when they learn they can't get their coins.
"Hell yeah they are going to be upset, they are going to be a lot more upset when I tell them its going to take a couple weeks, or months to find the capital, we gotta get back in operation."
A Wells Fargo spokesperson told Fox 4 the company will contact Von Nothaus Tuesday to discuss the issue.