Man found dead in Cape Coral home that was marketed as a "sober house"

Posted at 11:01 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-13 23:01:21-04

A man was found dead inside a Cape Coral home that was marketed as recovery residence called 'The Integrity House of Cape Coral.'

Cape Coral police responded to the home in the 2300 Block of SW 28th Terrace Sunday morning.

According to an incident report, a roommate found the man "laying naked in bed unresponsive." The unidentified man was pronounced dead at 11:23 am; the cause of death has not been released. 

"We feel bad for them. It's not their fault," said Keith Dalla Costa, Homeowner. His Fiancee sharing the same sentiment about the men who thought their home was a drug recovery residence.

"Yeah, it's not their fault," said Sharon Downs.

The couple have been in the process of evicting their tenant Jennifer Feriola. She signed a lease for the home in 2015.

According to a spokesperson for the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) someone tried to get the home certified, but the application was never finished.

"First of all they never had the owner's consent," said Whitney Lehmnan, FARR spokesperson. "It doesn't seem like they have any protocols in place to help actually assist individuals in their path to long lasting sobriety and recovery," she added.

Four In Your Corner contacted the person listed as the President of the sober home, but he did not respond in time for this report.

Neighbors were stunned to learn someone had died in the house.

"That's unfortunate; so that tells me they weren't being supervised," said Thomas Savinom, neighbor.

The homeowner's are now in the process of evicting Feriola for violating her lease agreement by subletting the home.

"We can't get in there to change our locks. we can't secure our property. we can't stop another person from losing their life in our home that they're given permission to be there, and obviously not being monitored very well. unfortunately, " said Downs.