Cape Coral teen says he was bit by shark

Posted at 7:54 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 06:54:46-04

The Fort Myers Beach Pier is where a lot of families turn to to enjoy the beach and their spring breaks. But one Cape Coral teen ventured underneath the murky water by the pier.

Nick Kawa came away with quite the fish tale for when he returns to the hallways of Cape Coral High School next week.

Nick says a shark bit him on Fort Myers Beach. He came back to the pier one day after his encounter with the denizen of the deep and has a souvenir, a bite mark on his right arm.  “Just when air blows on it it just burns, that’s about it. Other than that it's fine," said Kawa.

Nick tells Fox 4 he was trying to grab a football in the murky water and didn't see the shark. But that quickly changed. "I felt a sharp pinch in my arm and looked down,” said Kawa.

But he didn't panic. "Hurry up and get out because I didn’t know if it was going to come back or not,” he said.
Nick and his friends were out with his Uncle Dave when he came back bloodied. At first, his uncle didn't buy his story. “I thought they were playing a joke on me and that he got one of those Halloween blood kids, so I handed up a Gatorade,” he said.

But Uncle Dave quickly realized there was no joke and rushed to help aid his nephew. He tells Fox 4 that he thinks the murky water played a role in the shark encounter. “Normally sharks don't usually attack people, but I think it thought his arm was a fish and didn't have much visibility."

However what is clear to Nick and his family and friends is how lucky he is. “It could’ve been a lot worse, could’ve lost more than what I did," said Kawa.