Woman turns to social media to find news of her Family in Puerto Rico

Posted at 12:58 AM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 08:29:10-04

Xiamayra Cruz spends her days searching social media trying to get word about her family in Puerto Rico. Not knowing how they're doing makes her sick. 

"My stomach were in knots. I was sick all the time. Just the not knowing did the mudslide happen there", she told Fox 4, 

 Her family lost power after Hurricane Irma hit. It got even worse after Maria, she waited for two weeks to hears from them, and finally did four days ago. The situation's bleak. 

"They ended up having to take water from the mountain, from the creek, so that they could be able to flush the toilets and drink the water", Cruz said.

Now Cruz says people are fighting to survive and that things on the island have turned violent. She showed us a video of a man on the streets of Puerto Rico at a crime scene. He says a 20-year-old boy was killed after getting water from a store. 

Stories like this one scare Cruz and make her worry about her family even more. It doesn't help that the price of basic things like water and rice keep going up. 

She described the dire straights on the island, with people going to extreme measures to cope with the lack of assistance.

"People right now are killing themselves over the situation out there", she told Fox 4. "Not only killing themselves, but killing each other for basics". 

For now, Cruz says she's keeping her head up and looks forward ti the day when she can talk to her family, instead of scrolling through social media to feel connected. 

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