Two charged with armed burglary, assault on Marco Island woman

Posted at 6:51 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 08:23:47-04

A Marco Island woman said she was attacked and held at gunpoint in her own home - all because of comments she made on Snapchat. Andrew Kelbe, 20, and Kendall Feehan, 18, face charges of armed burglary and assault after Kortni Mirarcki, 18, of Marco Island said they entered her home and attacked her.

"This all started because I posted something about (Feehan) getting beat up by another girl and calling her names," Mirarcki said. "Which was wrong of me to do, but I don't think that they should have went to that extent."

She said Kelbe, her ex-boyfriend, and Feehan, her former best friend, came to her door Tuesday afternoon.

"They said 'Hey Kortni, are you home alone?'" Mirarcki said. "I tried to close the door, but they pushed the door forward and (Kelbe) pushed me down, and I fell down behind the couch."

Mirarcki said when she got up from the floor, Kelbe pushed up against the wall.

"He pulled a gun from behind his back and put it to my head, and said he was going to F-ing kill me," she said.

She managed to push the gun away, but said that Kelbe pushed her to the floor again, and that Feehan struck her on the arm with some kind of baton.

"She said she was going to smash my head in," Mirarcki said.

She said Kelbe pointed the gun at her head again and started choking her, until she couldn't breathe.

"Then Kendall was like, 'Let's go Andy, let's go,'" Mirarcki said. "And then I closed and locked the door, and that's when I called the cops."

"This was a terrifying experience," she added. "They came into my house and threatened me with a gun. They threatened my life."

Kelbe and Feehan were both arrested late Tuesday at the home of Kelbe's mother in East Naples. Fox 4 knocked on the door to ask for comment on the arrests, but there was no answer.

Kelbe and Feehan both face multiple charges, including battery, assault and burglary while armed.

"They need to serve time," Mirarcki said. "And I'm getting a restraining order because if they ever get out, I'm scared for my life."