Thousands watch 'Jaws' from Charlotte Harbor

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 22:52:58-04

CHARLOTTE HARBOR, FLA. - Thousands of people visited Charlotte Harbor, but they hit the waves to catch a classic movie.

The harbor transformed into a theater for people to enjoy the show both on land and sea.

"My buddy and I are divers, and that's something we have never thought of.. Watching 'Jaws' in the water," said Ken Snyder, after his wife saw the event on her Facebook page.

The second annual 'Jaws on the Water' event was bigger and better than the first year when only eighty people showed.

"2,200 people said they are coming and another 1,500 on my event bright said they are coming," said John Davidson from Crossroads Hope Academy, the organization responsible for the event.

Some came as far as Bradenton when they heard about the screening. Garret Anderson brought his girlfriend along for the ride.

"It's her first time ever seeing 'Jaws', so it is going to make it that much more interesting," said Anderson.

The double sided screen showed the film to both the crowd on solid ground and sea.

"This is spot is perfect for it because people can watch it on the lawns or out in the boats," said Davidson. "My screen goes past the bars, so there won't be any obstructed views," he added.

Despite the lawn behind the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference center being full, there were many people enjoying the film on the water.

"We have four rafts, we are going in the water," said Synder.

The sea of people were under the watchful eye of police boats, but they still relied on the corner of their eyes to see if Jaws would make a cameo.

"I'm about 100 percent sure that someone will be out here swimming with a fin on," said Davidson.

The screening was free to attend. The Crossroads Hope Academy did accept donations that would benefit over twenty foster children.