Thieves target parked cars outside of World of Beer in Estero

Posted at 6:18 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 18:18:42-04

ESTERO, Fla-- Shoppers at a popular Southwest Florida mall are feeling a little uneasy as Lee County deputies investigate a few recent car break-ins. Thieves targeted cars parked outside of World of Beer in Estero and managed to get away with more than $1100 worth of property including a Play Station 4, some designer clothes and an Oral B Electric toothbrush. 

"It doesn't really surprise me usually in the evenings theres usually a younger crowd over,"said Wayne Nichols. 

Dozens of personal items were taken from two parked cars outside of World of Beer. The victims are both employees of the popular bar. The police report states the victims waited 2 days before calling police because it wasn't until Sunday before they realized what happened. 

The police report also shows backpacks, a classic game boy flash, several pairs of underwear, an electric toothbrush and a personal check were along the items taken. 

"You don't leave money out, you don't leave phones out, valuables, it's obviously you are going to be less likely to be a target than what you are with leaving all that stuff out in the open," said Nichols. 

Nichols is a frequent shopper in the area and said it comes down to common sense and not allowing yourself to be an easy target. 

One victim admitted to not locking his car, but the other said he did lock his car. However, the second victim said his left passenger side door doesn't lock and believes someone took advantage of that. 

One of the victims was able to recover some of his property found down the street at the Marathon gas station. The other is still without any leads. Author ties ask anyone with information to please contact them.


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