Thieves steal backhoe from Ft. Myers business

Posted at 6:35 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 18:35:41-04

Just after sundown August 25th, thieves removed a backhoe from Tranquility Plumbing, located at Kernel Circle in Ft. Myers.

The suspects had a difficult time getting the machinery unhitched.

"He came to our first trailer with the backhoe, and tried to knock the lock off, he was unsuccessful with that one, so he moved onto the next one," said Tranquility Employee Kylie Hughes.

Eventually one of the suspects got help removing the backhoe, and its trailer from the business.

"He left the property at one point, and came back about an hour after first entering with a friend and a truck."

Surveillance video shows the suspects driving off with the backhoe, worth about 30,000 dollars, the heist putting a dent in this small company's bottom line.

It isn't the first time they've been victimized by criminals.

"The boat was stolen, at another time a separate time, just the motor off the boat was stolen," said Hughes.

Hughes thought her company's security measures were enough, but now they will consider improvements.

"You would think that would be enough to keep us safe and feel at ease when we leave everyday, it is surprising, and it's sad a place like this would be targeted multiple times."

Tranquility is offering a 2,000 dollar reward for anyone with information on this crime.

Fort Myers Police Spokesman Lt. Jay Rodriguez says people who do these crimes often sell the parts on the east coast.

Rodriguez says the investigation into this case is ongoing.