Thieves leave trail of trouble in gated community

Ford F-150 and laptop among stolen property
Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 22:45:59-04

At least half a dozen homes in a gated Fort Myers neighborhood were targeted by thieves overnight, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. 

Detectives investigated a string of car burglaries along Eagle Point Circle in the Cypress Park neighborhood Thursday.

According to residents, surveillance cameras captured images of a white truck driving around the community, while two men exited the vehicle to check for unlocked cars.

“I found my center console was open and you could tell someone obviously went through everything,” said Chris Delheo, whose car was ransacked. 

The thieves rummaged through Delheo's truck, but they left empty-handed. Two homes down, his neighbor wasn't so lucky; a Ford F-150 was stolen from the driveway. 

“He said they were actually going through his truck for a while, so they were probably looking for something and came across his keys,” Delheo.

Every vehicle that was burglarized was left unlocked, according to Eagle Point Board President Kendra Sutton. She told Four In Your Corner safety newsletters are emailed to residents each month to remind them to lock their doors.

Four In Your Corner saw copies of the newsletters posted near the entrance of the community and the pool area. 

“I just couldn’t believe that no one saw them go through half a dozen people’s cars, especially in this neighborhood, everybody’s walking their dogs, walking their kids,” said Delheo. 

Detectives spoke to at least seven residents, one of whom said a $2,000 laptop was taken from their vehicle. 

Another resident reported a stolen his wallet which was carrying his social security card along with several credit and debit cards. 

“It just surprises me that they can get away with that much stuff,” said Delheo.

The Ford F-150 was later found at an apartment complex according to the car owners family. Residents say this incident is reminder to lock it, or lose it. 

“I didn’t leave my car locked because I’ve never had an issue in this neighborhood and now, obviously that’s going to change,” said Chris Delheo.