Thieves hit man's car to attempt robbery

Posted at 9:35 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 07:29:43-04

A man told the Collier County Sheriff's Office two men followed him from the bank, crashed into his car, and threatened him at gunpoint for the money he withdrew.

Jose Sanchez Alvares and Roberto Diaz Centeno are now facing several charges after deputies were able to track them down and arrest them.

The arrest report said the victim left the Wells Fargo Bank off State Road-82. He noticed two hispanic men in a white Audi were following him. While driving down State Road-82, the Audi crashed into the back of his truck. When the victim pulled over near Church Road, Sanchez Alvares and Diaz Centeno came to his truck, opened the doors, and started searching. Diaz Centeno pointed a gun at the victim, demanding the bag of money, saying if he didn't give it up, he'd kill him.

"He went through a lot of effort to do something pretty awful," Wells Fargo customer Sean Reed said

The victim, scared for his life, said he'd jump into traffic if they were going to kill him. The men then left without the $2,000 deputies said was hidden inside the truck.

"It just goes to show you doing everyday thing like going to the bank, you need to make sure no one is following you," Wells Fargo customer Justice Wright said.

Thirty minutes after the incident on Monday, deputies arrested Sanchez Alvares and Diaz Centeno.

Diaz Centeno is from Puerto Rico, and Sanchez Alvares is from Immokalee.