That gator strut: Giant gator seen strolling down path in the Everglades

OCHOPEE, Fla. -- It's scary enough to see a gigantic alligator in the wild.  Even scarier when that gator is headed your way.

In a video posted to the Big Cypress Gallery Adventures Facebook page Wednesday morning, an enormous male gator named Snaggletooth is seen lumbering down a paved path toward the photographer.  He doesn't make it far though, before laying down on the pavement.

The person recording the video, Carol, writes that the video is shaky because they were walking backwards while recording.

They also add that the gator was not as close to the photographer as it looks, thanks to the zoom lens. 

Snaggletooth apparently is a father to 32 babies back at his home pond.

Big Cypress Gallery Adventures is located off Tamiami Trail in Ochopee, about halfway between Naples and Miami.

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