SWFL charity reacts to President Trump's budget cuts

Posted at 11:00 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 23:00:56-04

President Donald Trump's budget director suggested 'Meals on Wheels' didn't need support in the proposed budget.

The charity opened up their doors Wednesday afternoon in Port Charlotte. The organization's board members weren't quick to panic.

"Everything we do is through donation and fund raising," said Debbie Amaral-Chow, one of the non-profit's board members. "We generate a lot of profit from our thrift shop to pay for the food. We don't have any government or state funding," she added.

The new chef saying the budget cuts won't cutback on his plans for the menu. All of the food is made from scratch.

"We are very successful with donations and people in our community supporting us. We aren't going anywhere anytime soon," said Chef Vernon Scott.

Everyone who came out to support the opening was pleased because of how badly this charity is needed.

"There is a lot of people in this community that don't have the capability to go out and shop for their own groceries or cook there own meals, so this is a big need for this community specifically because of the age demographic," said Theresa Desguin, another one of the organization's board members.

Both the Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte chambers of commerce were in attendance for the ribbon cutting.

They were joined by others who live in Charlotte County to support the cause.

"Living in Charlotte County, I'm very proud of this community and all we all pull together when we need to," said Desguin.

'Meals on Wheels' says they are on the look out for drivers to help deliver food to those they serve. They urge you to call their office at 941-625-4343 if you are interested in volunteering your time or money.