Arrest turns violent in Collier County as suspect yells 'Black Lives Matter' on the way to jail

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 07:06:51-04
A Collier County man is facing several charges after a scuffle with sheriff's deputies.
It happened after a routine traffic stop Wednesday for a seat belt violation at the corner of 47th Street Southwest and 25th Avenue Southwest.
"At the beginning everything was quiet, and turned violent," said Ben Gonzalez, who witnessed the confrontation.
According to the police report 34-year-old Anthony Denson Jr. asked deputies "Why the F*** did you stop me?"
When the deputy asked him for his license, registration and insurance, he told them he was afraid to reach into the glove compartment because he would be shot.
The deputy then ordered Denson out of the car so he can arrest him for obstruction of justice after he wouldn't give him his driver information.
"They kind of got physical, started arguing, fighting with the guy," said Gonzalez.  He watched from a distance as Denson fought with deputies, throwing one of them onto the hood of his car as he tried to cuff him.
Once Denson was restrained he yelled "Black Lives Matter" on his way to the jail.
Once he arrived he told deputies: "If I get out tonight that officer is going to get it, I will get him." And continued to yell "Black Lives Matter."
"It surprised me, I've never seen this in the neighborhood, I lived for not too long in the neighborhood and you don't see this often," said Gonzalez.
Denson is facing several charges including threatening to kill a law enforcement officer.