Staying safe when a shooter opens fire

Posted at 11:32 PM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 06:48:32-04

When you hear gun fire go off and chaos break out, it can be hard to determine what to do when a mass shooting like the one in Las Vegas breaks happens.

Fox 4 spoke to Robert Tirollo, a former officer who now works with ALICE Training institute. Tirollo now trains law enforcement, military personnel and civilians on the best way to handle an active shooter.  

"If you're a civilian, you need to get away. Get yourself and the people around you to safety", he told told us.

Before working with ALICE, Tirollo spent years as an officer where he would often help diffuse scenarios like the mass shooting in Las Vegas. When it comes to training civilians, his plan is very specific. 

"We teach them try and escape and get away. if you can't get away barricade". 

The problem with the Las Vegas shooting, there was no where to hide. The shooter was perched 1,200 feet away and 32 stories above the crowd when he opened fire. 

Robert says open air venues like the one in Vegas are perfect for shooters to hit their targets. In order to keep yourself from becoming a target in a similar situation, run at the first sign of gunfire. 

"Just by moving, the NRA says that you have a 90 percent chance of surviving gunfire if you're just moving. A moving target is hard to hit", Tirollo told Fox 4. 

Another piece of advice, don't stay still or lie down. Tirollo says that lying down puts you in a more vulnerable position.