Southwest Floridians brace for Hurricane Irma, stock up on supplies

Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 18:45:14-04

While it's too early to know exactly where Hurricane Irma is headed, Southwest Floridians should certainly be prepared. Many spent their Labor Day stocking up on supplies.

Kari Oliger of Naples went to Lowe's in East Naples to buy a generator and some fuel cans.

"My sister lives in the Houston area, and I've seen everything they've gone through," Oliger said. 

Her sister is OK, helping friends recover from Hurricane Harvey. But with another Irma moving closer to Florida, Oliger wanted to be ready.

"We had a home down here when Wilma came through...and we did have damage then," Oliger said. "I think it's always a good idea to be prepared."

Ari Kathin also bought a generator and some other essentials at Lowe's, which will be put to use, hurricane or not.

"We can use the propane tanks for cooking anyway, so they're not a waste," Kathin said. "We got a couple of flashlights and batteries...just water, basic stuff."

Ace Wallace, assistant manager at Lowe's said much of their Labor Day business has been from people bracing for the worst.

"Right now it's generators, batteries, a few first aid kits," he said. "We're kind of localizing it (all at the front of the store,) make it a one-stop-shop, quick in, quick out."

For Oliger, stocking up is just the first step.

"I'm making sure I have all my homeowners policies, flood insurance and whatnot, so I know where everything's at and have the numbers available if I need them," she said.

For a list of items you should have to prepare for a hurricane, click here. The list was prepared by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.