Shooters target cars outside Cape Coral home, neighbor captures drive by on video

Posted at 6:51 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 06:51:39-04

A Cape Coral woman's sense of security is shattered along with her car windows after someone riddled them with pellets.

Carmen Krumm tells Four In Your Corner pellets shattered several windows of two of her personal cars and her boyfriend's work vehicle causing more than $1500 worth of damage.

"When we last counted there was 17 or 18 different times my car got hit."

Krumm says teenage drama is to blame. She says the night before her cars were hit, an altercation broke outside her home between her teenager's friends and a different group. She claims one of the guys tried running he son over with his car.

"He grabbed my son thinking he was another kid and he wasn't," Krumm said. 

The very next night, she claims the same guy returned to shoot up their cars with pellet guns because the same white car with blacked out rims was caught on camera.

"You can see the black striping across the front of his hood. You can even see his rims and he stops right behind my cars and that's when he starts shooting out the back windows," she said.

Krumm says the distinct black stripes across the hood of the car helped narrow down her search believing she's found the owner of the car.

"The police department got an e-mail from his attorney saying that they could only question him through an attorney which is kind of weird because why would he need an attorney if he did nothing wrong?"

Krumm says she hopes anyone with information will come forward to confirm who pulled the trigger.

"We want someone to do the right thing and come forward, admit what they did and we want the damages paid for. My family shouldn't have to suffer because of this," Krumm said. "We did nothing wrong.