Sex crime reported at Island Coast High School

Posted at 10:11 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 22:12:51-04

A student at Island Coast High School said she was sexually assaulted during school.

An incident report by the Lee County Sheriff's Office said when the girl got home from school, she went immediately to her room without talking to anyone. Her mother, finding the behavior unusual, began to pry, and her daughter finally told her while crying that she had to talk to her about something.

The report said she was in class and ended up alone with a boy. The details of how that happened and where they were are redacted. Deputies said he exposed himself, grabbed the girl by her hair, and forced himself onto her.

The incident has students like Haley Dutcher questioning their safety at school.

"We're going to school to learn, and kids are touching each other," she said. "That's so sad, but it's not so unusual."

The victim didn't tell her teacher or deputies at Island Coast before going home and telling her mother.

"It's not about learning anymore," Dutcher said. "You have to come to school, and you're putting students into a place where it's not safe for them."

Parents said they're also concerned about their kids' safety and want to know why there was no supervision at the time of the incident. The Lee County School District said because it's an active investigation, they aren't commenting. However, a parent told Four in Your Corner the district did call parents to let them know a sex crime was reported.