Secret sex club discovered in Southwest Florida

Posted at 11:01 PM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 07:08:31-04

A secret sex club run by a woman known as "the sorceress" has been uncovered in North Fort Myers.

The Other Oz Club is geared towards adults, 21 and up who are interested in an alternate lifestyle. A calender of sex themed parties is displayed on the club's website. 

“It’s not just some big wild orgy, some people assume “oh I’m going to walk through the door, someone’s going to rip my clothes off, or I must take off my clothes. No! no! it’s not like that,” said the Sorceress. 

Friday's event asked ladies to "come show off your pretty pink." Four In Your Corner discovered an unmarked building in North Fort Myers was the location of Friday's party. 

The Sorceress says she has about 2,000 members. 

“There are a lot, believe-it-or-not, lot of people in this area that enjoy different things, “said The Sorceress.

She says most of the members are working professionals who want to spice up their love lives. 

“From a school teacher, to your bank teller, to your kids soccer coach,” said the Sorceress. 

Their website claims their parties feature fetish dungeons or playrooms "where you are free to explore your darkest fantasies."

The events are only for paying members. County Officials say there were unaware of the sex club operating from a business. A county spokesperson told Four In Your Corner the club did not have a business occupancy license to operate from the North Fort Myers building. 

The Sorceress said she had an explanation. 

“I’m not operating a business without a license. This is an online membership group that has private parties, [people] get together and mingle, “said The Sorcerer. 

This isn't the first time a business has been linked to the swingers club. IN 2013, Four In Your Corner discovered the secret club was throwing parties inside an unmarked building in Cape Coral. 

“Was it surprising to find out there is a swingers club operating here,” said reporter Deborah Souverain. 
“oh no!, no, no,” said Alicia Allen, a sex therapist at Spectrum Recovery Solutions in Naples.

Allen's says she has worked with several patients who attend sex parties with partner. 

 “I know people who are swingers and they are very successful at it; meaning their relationship hasn’t suffered, in fact, they say it has enhanced because of it,” said Allen.

Many swingers are forced to keep their lifestyle choice a secret, the sorceress says she hopes by speaking out others will be less judgemental.

“Society in a whole is mostly made to think monogamy; in the animal kingdom animals are not monogamous, humans are a part of that,” said the Sorceress.