Residents say they were given 4 days to vacate apartment

Posted at 11:12 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 23:14:08-04

Residents at Salamanca Pointe Apartments say they were given 4 days notice to temporarily vacate their apartment.

At least 100 apartment units must be cleared out due to safety concerns caused by flooding following Hurricane Irma. Residents haven't been told when they can return. 

Residents like, Charles Minard, who has lived at the Salamanca for two years, say that he can’t afford to move. He was released from the hospital on the very same day he received a letter saying he had to leave in four days. 

“Not only do I not have the money to do this right now, I can’t lift over 5 lbs. How am I supposed to empty this place out, I can’t even lift anything with my left arm,” says Minard.

Residents say property managers did not notify them until Wednesday, of the mandatory temporary evacuations. Some residents say they can't afford to move out on such short notice. 

In Minard's case, he says his apartment did not flood during hurricane Irma. However, he says the unit next to him was gutted due to possible mold. 

According to residents, management issued the temporary evacuation notice due to safety concerns because black mold was detected in several units. Residents were not told how long it would take to resolve the issue. 

“No, no! all they keep saying is they found class 3 water contamination. That’s all they keep saying,” said Derrick Luke.

Residents also say that flooding has been an ongoing issue at Salamanca, but they wish they were given more than four days notice to move out.

Residents must vacate their apartments by Sunday at 5 p.m.