Police: Teen high on LSD goes on crime spree

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - An 18-year-old Cape Coral teen who was reportedly high on LSD is accused of going on a crime spree in his neighborhood Sunday night.

Tuan Nguyen is facing seven charges, including burglary and assault. According to Cape Coral Police, Nguyen tried to hot wire a vehicle at a home across the street from his home.

Shortly afterward, he allegedly chased down a woman who was standing in the driveway of her home. The woman's son-in-law says the teen also left a massive dent in the roof of a car parked in the driveway.

"It looks like the guy went on top of it and jumped on it," said the victim, who asked Four In Your Corner to conceal his identity.

While his mother-in-law sought refuge inside their home, Nguyen reportedly went to the back of the house and punched out a window. A mangled window screen, and shards of glass littered the lawn where the incident occurred.

"There's a bedroom right there, and he broke the window," said the victim.

Detectives say Nguyen was high on LSD at the time.

"I asked him, 'are you high?' and he said yes," said the victim.

He says Nguyen appeared to be out of it; his speech was erratic and he allegedly switched between English and another language, but he wasn't making any sense.

The victim, who was armed with a gun, held the teen in the driveway with the help of his father-in-law until police arrived.

"The mother-in-law was threatened in the front yard and chased into the house; obviously there's a fear for safety there," said Corporal Phil Mullen, Cape Coral Police. 

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