Parent parking frustrates Cape Coral homeowner

Posted at 7:28 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 07:38:54-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. --  One man braced himself for the start of school.  John Majewski lives near Diplomat Middle School and dreads the congestion that comes with after school pick up.

"My neighbor and I just cringed when school starts and it shouldn't be like that," said Majewski, who says he's been dealing with this on NE 16th Terrace for the past five years.

He says some parents opt to work around the parking system rather than just waiting in the parent pick up line.

"These kids that are walking and getting picked up don't live in this neighborhood," said Majewski. "They don't live four houses down or around the corner. Their parents live somewhere else and when they pick up their kids, it ruins our neighborhood," he added.

Majewski says he doesn't like having cars watch him through his windows.

"Can you imagine sitting outside your house and having twenty cars watching you for twenty minutes," asked Majewski.

The cluster of cars also leave behind plenty of clutter.

"We have to pick up the trash," said Majewski, "We find drink cups, cigarette butts, pencils, and pens," he added.

A Cape Coral Police truck patrolled the streets around the middle school today. The officer told cars not to park in the area, but Majewski wants a long-term solution.

"If we know it's a problem, why isn't something being done about it," asked Majewski.

4 In Your Corner reached out to the Lee County School Board. The spokesperson says Diplomat Middle and other schools in the district have sent fliers home to make sure parents know the proper pick up procedures. The school board also asks parents to be respectful of private property.