New map shows majority of Cape Coral flooded

Posted at 6:03 PM, Aug 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 07:21:26-04

A recent map released by the Cape Coral Police Department shows that much of Cape Coral is experiencing an overflow of water.

There have also been reports of water invading homes.

Below is a list of streets where flooding is most severe, blocked or barricaded. Authorities are asking drivers/pedestrians to AVOID these areas unless it is an emergency:

  • Mid Cape Terrace/Santa Barbara Blvd
  • SW 18th St/SW 7th Pl
  • Willow Branch Dr
  • 1100-blk Durden Pkwy E.
  • 3000-blk Burnt Store Rd
  • Trafalgar Pkwy / Chiquita Blvd
  • 400-800 Skyline Blvd
  • Hancock Bridge Pkwy / Cultural Park Blvd
  • Skyline Blvd – south of Trafalgar to Cape Coral Pkwy
  • 600-blk SW 47th Ter – foul smelling liquid coming out of sewer
  • 600-blk Hancock Bridge Pkwy
  • Chiquita Blvd S (from Beach to Savona)
  • 500-blk Mohawk Pkwy
  • 1100-1600-blk Mohawk Pkwy
  • 2900-blk Skyline Blvd
  • 800-blk SE 24th Ave
  • 1000 Andalusia Blvd
  • 200-blk Tropicana Pkwy
  • 800-blk Nicholas Pkwy
  • 200-blk SE 8th St
  • Diplomat Pkwy E (Andalusia Blvd to NE 7th Pl)
  • 2200-blk Academy Blvd
  • 400-1500-blk Chiquita Blvd N
  • Tropicana Pkwy (east of El Dorado Blvd)
  • Veterans Pkwy/Santa Barbara Blvd (NW corner)
  • Santa Barbara Blvd (Gleason to Pelican) 


Potholes are also forming and can cause damage for cars on the road. Here is a list of known potholes:

  • 606 Mohawk Pkwy
  • 478 NE 2nd Pl
  • 462 NE 2nd Pl
  • 100-blk Nicholas Pkwy E (eastbound lane)
  • Veterans Pkwy – east of Skyline Blvd (eastbound lane)
  • Andalusia Blvd (north of Diplomat Pkwy)
  • 514 NW 1st St


A reception center has been opened at the Faith Presbyterian Church gymnasium for anyone displaced by the water. This is NOT a shelter and cannot take in pets.

If people need assistance getting to the reception center they can call the non-emergency dispatch line at (239) 574-3223